Asahikawa Design Meeting


This meeting will focus on discussing what design can do and the path that it should take in our present-day society as we take on a wide range of issues concerning sustainability, environmental consciousness, AI, social media or Social Networking Services (SNS), and Web3. 20 individuals consisting of representatives from leading Japanese companies, design professionals from various fields, and experts will take the podium at this event.


Through problem-posing, group discussions, and plenary sessions, speakers will share their knowledge and exchange opinions about the vision of Japanese Design that we should strive to achieve.


We hope that by creating the opportunity for diverse individuals involved in the promotion of design to meet and deepen their relationships, this event will serve as catalyst that brings people, information, knowledge, and industry to Asahikawa.

日時 6月21日(金)10:00〜15:00
会場 旭川市市庁舎 7階会議室A・B
主催 あさひかわデザインウィーク実行委員会